01 April 2014

Michael Jackson / Xscape


Big Active Creative Director and lifelong MJ fan, Mat Maitland, has created the cover for the new Michael Jackson album ‘Xscape’. Mat explains, “I really wanted to create an image of Michael that felt current, like a brand new album, rather than something that felt retrospective and it was important to me to evoke his magic and otherworldly presence.” The album, containing 8 previously unreleased songs produced by the likes of Timbaland and Stargate, is out on May 13. See more

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21 March 2014



From spending his art classes at school creating fantasy record covers for Prince, Big Active Design’s Mat Maitland achieved his life long dream of designing the real thing for his new single Fallinlove2nite. The cover features an image created by Mat in his signature collage style. Welcome to the Dream Factory.

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17 March 2014

Anthony Burrill – Michelle Plays Ping Pong

Michelle Plays Ping Pong

Anthony Burrill has just released a limited edition nine-colour screenprint with Jealous Gallery. The print is Anthony’s most ambitious to date, using half-tones, colour merges and fluorescent inks. To coincide with the release, Anthony reposted the original 2006 animation that inspired the print, Michelle Plays Ping Pong. It was chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and has generated 150,000 views in a week.

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15 March 2014

Mat Maitland x T Galleria x Karen Elson


Mat Maitland has directed four films for luxury retailer T Galleria, starring mythical British model Karen Elson. As well as directing the films Mat has also created imagery for the print campaign.

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13 March 2014

Andy Rementer – Juxtapoz Magazine

Andy Rementer - Juxtapox Magazine

Andy Rementer has created the cover for the latest issue of Juxtapoz, the contemporary and underground art magazine. The magazine also features an in-depth interview with Andy, where he discusses storytelling, human bodies with animal heads, and people-watching. Out now.

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19 February 2014

Jody Barton – Manic Defence & The Free Library

Jody Barton - Manic Defence & The Free Library

Reaching its conclusion this week is Jody Barton’s latest solo show ‘Manic Defence & The Free Library’. In two parts, ‘Manic Defence’, features 41 original works for sale at €100 each, while ‘The Free Library’ exists online, comprising total digitisation of 15 of Jody’s hand-drawn books from the last 10 years. We would suggest starting with I Hate Dolphins or Bad Girlfriend.

The exhibition runs until 21st February at Antonio De Luca Studio, Berlin. The prints are also available online.

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19 February 2014

Mat Maitland for Printemps du Louvre

Mat Maitland has directed a 3D video installation for the window of Parisian department store Printemps du Louvre. Situated next to the Louvre Museum, their first store in 30 years is the new flagship for the luxury French retailer. For such an esteemed location, Printemps needed an evolving long-term solution for the store exterior that competed with (and measured up against) their prestigious neighbours.

Mat’s solution came in the form of a three minute film played on a screen mounted within a mirrored frame. The mirrors create a kaleidoscopic effect, surrounding an interchangeable physical product. The film features architectural detail from the original Printemps store, as well as images of the iconic artworks from the museum next door.

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06 February 2014

Kate Gibb for FT Magazine

Kate Gibb / FT Magazine

Kate Gibb recently completed an editorial commission for FT Magazine, the glossy weekend supplement of the Financial Times. Kate’s silkscreen prints accompany an article about the foundation and rise of music identification app Shazam. The entire article and images are available to view on the FT website.

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22 January 2014

Letman ‘Contours’ for Canali

Dutch artist Letman is the feature of a short film by Italian tailor Canali. Through the creation of eighty original pieces, one for every year of Canali’s existence, Letman demonstrates the skill and craft behind his hand-lettering. The film, titled ‘Contours’, offers a rare close-up on Letman’s brush and ink process, and concludes with a reveal of the entire set of images.

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03 January 2014

Art Vinyl – Best of 2013


We are pleased to announce that our sleeve for White Lies ‘Big T.V.’ has been voted winner of Art Vinyl’s annual prize showcasing the best album artwork of the year. Big Active Design worked closely with the band and painter Michael Kagan to create the winning sleeve. The nominees and winners are on display at the Malmaison hotel in London, Oxford and Birmingham until the end of January.

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