13 July 2010

Jasper Goodall Redesigns Girl Scouts Icon

Jasper Goodall Girl Scouts Logo

The Original Champions of Design recently commissioned Jasper Goodall, to modernise the classic Girl Scouts of America logo, first crafted in the 1970’s by design legend Saul Bass. Jasper provided the finishing touches to the long design and development process lead by OCD and also contributed to by Joe Finocchiaro.
Re-working a well-loved, classic icon is a challenging process, especially when the original was produced by such a respected and influential designer. Subtlety is needed, to refresh and modernise without losing the classic shapes of the original. Push it too far and it loses it’s identity, not far enough and it wont look fresh. One of the problems with the existing icon was that, although just silhouettes, the faces and hair in particular were felt to be very much of the time. It was also felt that the trefoil needed to be more pronounced, less cloud-like and more clover leafed.
The existing profiles felt quite vague, and maybe a little vacant in expression. The challenge was to instill eagerness and happiness into a simple profile. Very little detail could be utilized as the design needed to work scaled down and translate into an embroidered badge too. This was a very subtle process, tiny adjustments of lips, chin shapes and noses.
The ‘hippy’ centre parting was replaced with various options and in the end a swept fringe was settled upon.
Countless minimal but important curve variations were worked through before a satisfactory solution was reached.
At first glance, the resulting icon is very close to the original. It’s instantly recogniseable, still classic and simple, but now with a fresh, modern up to date attitude.

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