14 January 2010

Letman If You Could Collaborate

Posted by Letman

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7.” A short movie by Job & Roel Wouters
Roel and me will present a short movie on the rainbowgun: a tool which allows you to paint simultaneously with seven spraycans. A calligraphic monsterbrush so to speak. The idea derives from the desire to paint larger and faster. Also the rainbowgun is a result in my recent search for new aesthetics in writing. I made some rough sketches of the machine, and after that I took my ideas to  Rene Bakker a genius mechanic who did the actual constructing of the tool.

The gun is a little heavier than I expected, and that makes is pretty hard to control. Also I didn’t take into account that spraycans don’t work when held in certain positions, so the movements one can make while writing are more limited than I initially thought. But over-all it comes really close to the sort of ‘giant-brush’ idea that I had in mind when starting up.

If You Could Collaborate exhibition runs from 15 — 23 January.


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